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The Christ Way - PDF



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Have you a friend who is prejudiced against metaphysics to the point where he will neither listen to your explanations nor read any literature pertaining thereto?


Have you investigated carefully the seeming cause of this unnatural prejudice?


Perhaps he is one of the many thousands who in the past, placed reliance on some thing or cult that was presented to him as true metaphysics and which had no real efficacy as to results.


The author knows from experience of many individuals who through blind religious faith trusted the illness of a favored son, daughter, mother or father into the hands of so-called mental practitioners with dire results, because these so-called practitioners knew little or nothing of the metaphysical healing science they were purporting to practice.


The loss of dear ones, or the loss of personal effects, often awaken the blindly trusting ones, and through the awakening comes the realization that they have been misled, misused and tricked; and making no distinction between the trickster and the science he pretends to practice, they erringly class all metaphysics as a clever humbug; hence the prejudice.


"The Christ Way" is written from a common sense and reasoning and not a religious standpoint and therefore has destroyed the prejudice of many. It explains the true Science of Life in plain, reasonable language, and is of help to anyone seeking intelligent answers as to how to gain, or retain health, success and happiness in daily life.


Mr. Walter said "get a copy and loan it to your friends with the request that they read it at least five times and watch results."