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Where do I start?

Where do I start, if I want to learn more about Eschatology?
The best place to start is to familiarize yourself with what Eschatology is all about. To do this, download the Free Info files from the link at the top of the website. Focus on the booklets of “Eschatology: What is it?”, “Why Study Eschatology?”, and “Our Plan,” which William Walter wrote to describe the various courses he set up

If you would like to talk more about Eschatology with a teacher, then please write to


Who Was William W. Walter?

William W. Walter was born in Sublette, Illinois on July 13, 1869. He was the youngest of thirteen children. At an early age his parents moved to LaSalle, Illinois, where he attended school. Later the family moved back to Sublette and after finishing school there, he took a business course in Chicago.

On May 24, 1890, he married Barbara A. Stenger and they lived in Aurora. In the years from 1903 until 1906 he was ill with various claims among which was tuberculosis. He tried various treatments from doctors and specialists to no avail, and finally, as a last resort, had Christian Science treatment.