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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that come up about the subject of metaphysics or Eschatology.

Here are some questions that come up about the subject of metaphysics or Eschatology.

How will Eschatology help me in my life?

Eschatology teaches that you are responsible for your life: your health, your financial success or comfort, and your happiness; through the application of your own right thought, you can change your life. It teaches that you have the power to do this because you are a particle of Consciousness, Life, or Mind, and this is the same thing that Jesus taught to his disciples: not religion or dependence on a personal God or outside power, but a science that you can utilize.


How is Eschatology different from other “spiritual” paths, i.e., Course in Miracles, etc.?

Eschatology is a science, which means that the principles taught can be applied and proved through experimentation. Eschatology is based on Jesus’ teachings, not in a religious sense but as the truth he was trying to convey that we are all mental, our thought is causative, and we are responsible for our own salvation, e.g., health, success, and happiness.


What led William Walter to develop the teaching of Eschatology?

William Walter’s efforts, which eventually led to his unfoldment of the Science of Eschatology, began about 1898. As he neared his 30th birthday, he learned he had tuberculosis, a disease much dreaded at that time. He and his doctor tried every known remedy for this illness. Mr. Walter even studied medical textbooks and related literature to be sure that he did everything he could to assist in his healing. Through this study he gained a sound knowledge of anatomy and the bodily processes. However, at the time of this early medical treatment, neither the doctor’s efforts, Mr. Walter’s own study, nor his prayers for help, brought any improvement in his condition, and he was told his case was hopeless. He decided to fight that verdict as long as he could.

He then broadened his study to include the writings of all the deep thinkers of the ages. In this way he fully informed himself about the basic and most advanced concepts of scientific research, the old and new ideas in philosophical and metaphysical thought, and throughout his efforts, kept alert to new ideas offered by the medical field, and the work in related areas.

He also carefully studied the teachings of all established faiths in the world, Christian and non-Christian alike. Eventually, through exposure to Christian Science, he began to question how certain individuals such as Jesus were able to heal. It was this questioning that led to his unfoldment of Eschatology and the complete healing that he sought.


Why is Eschatology not widely known?

William Walter rarely publicized the Science of Eschatology, nor are his writings widely advertised. He did not want anyone to be persuaded by others to study Eschatology. He knew that only those who were motivated by their own desire would give this study the sustained interest it requires. Therefore the purpose of this website is not to try to convince the reader of anything that is stated, but to provide sufficient information to allow the inquirer to see if he desires to look more deeply into what Eschatology offers.


Why does William Walter make reference to Jesus in relation to the Science of Eschatology, when he states that its teachings are fully non-sectarian in nature?

Mr. Walter not only refers to the works and teachings of Jesus, but to those of his disciples as well as the Hebrew patriarchs, such as Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Solomon and others.

His own careful study, particularly of the works and healings recorded in the Bible, proved to him that these great teachers had gained an understanding of the changeless basic truths of Life. These teachers applied their scientific understanding for the purpose of providing the people of their time some insight into the fundamental nature and ever-present goodness of Life, which would help them enjoy a better quality of daily living.

Another reason for Mr. Walter’s references to Jesus and others is to clarify the misconceptions that are widely held about these individuals and what they knew and accomplished. Eschatology teaches that Jesus and his forefathers accomplished the mighty works they did in a completely natural way and not because some supernatural or higher power worked through them.

He also refers to the works of Mary Baker Eddy, on whose teachings the Christian Science church was founded after she published her textbook in 1875. He saw that she, too, had unfolded the same principles as the great teachers of the Bible, and like them, was misunderstood.

William Walter’s references and reasoned analyses of the Biblical teachings serve to make it clear that Eschatology does not teach a “new concept” of Life, nor of the nature of man. It teaches the consistent underlying scientific principles that made possible the wonderful works of the deep understanders of Biblical times. Even though their scientific message was misunderstood, their wisdom did convey the idea of the value of each individual’s life, and has served as an incentive in the long fight for individual rights.


How is the Science of Eschatology presented?

The Science of Eschatology is presented through progressive courses as outlined in William Walter’s Teaching Plan. It is presented through sound deductive reasoning and common sense explanations of how and why Life itself is the fundamental Science that underlies all reality.

Each student is specifically taught how he can apply what he learns to resolve all types of difficulties or problems. No one is asked to simply believe what is presented, but to use his own reasoning ability, as he studies Mr. Walter’s explanation of the fundamental principles of Life. Mr. Walter carefully developed the best method of presenting his understanding of this Science in an orderly, systematic way. He knew that this teaching must be kept on an individual basis, so that any student could learn what the basic nature of Life is, how to rightly utilize its principles and processes, and why this all works as it does. Mr. Walter had suffered so much from trying to use the unproved theories of others that he determined he would never present anything to others that he had not carefully tested and fully proved to himself, in many different ways.


How are the classes conducted?

Classes are normally held every week with a qualified teacher, either in a face-to-face class, or video conference (for example, Skype), or telephone. The number of students in each class is kept small enough to assure full participation by all. In this way, each one can have specific guidance in the application of what he is taught, so that he can improve or resolve any particular problem. A warm rapport usually develops quickly between the teacher and student, and among the classmates.

Most teachers also engage in other types of work activity and schedule certain times for regular once-a-week classes with their students. Class work is kept consistent through the use of uniform questions related to the assignment of the week.

For more information on obtaining a teacher, please email our Administrative office.


Why does Mr. Walter compare Eschatology to mathematics?

The science of mathematics is the purest science known to mankind. This is because the science of math is not subject to opinions, nor to varying beliefs. It is used universally, even though its concepts and principles are expressed in many different languages. Math must first be learned in a fundamental way; one learns the Science of Life that way, too.

Everyone knows that in math, if one makes a mistake, though he does bring forth an answer, it is not the true or right one. When he finds this out, he can simply re-do the problem more carefully, and then he does get the right answer. Furthermore, the former wrong answer is simply forgotten. The right answer has been available all the time. All that is required to see this right answer is a correct knowledge of fundamentals, and the right use of the facts of math. Once the individual has the right mathematical answer, he can demonstrate this to others. He realizes that the wrong answers that others claim to be true, cannot affect the right answers he has gained through his correct application of mathematical principles. Wrong answers in math do not mean that the principles or processes of mathematical science are wrong. This fundamental common sense also applies to the study of Eschatology.

Once one sees that Life itself is a Science that can become known through study and practiced in daily living, the individual sees he has a sound foundation from which he can correct his fluctuations of thought. This is why Mr. Walter compared the Science of Eschatology to the science of mathematics.


Does Eschatology have any creeds or by-laws?

William Walter imposed no religious creeds or by-laws, nor organization requiring a membership, upon this scientific study of Eschatology, as he considered these as restricting and limiting to the individual’s progress in his gain of understanding. He only asked the sincere honest effort of any student, and a willingness to lay aside prior concepts and “opinions” and through reason, correct and change his way of thinking to that of the right thought explained by this Science.


Where should a seeker start in the study of Eschatology?

If you are interested in gaining further insight into the teachings of Eschatology, some of the booklets in the Common Sense Series would serve this purpose. These are The Bible, The Man Jesus, The Pilgrim … and particularly Human Belief, Consciousness, and Right Thinking. In this series, Mr. Walter gives his reasoned analysis of the most widely accepted material concepts and the scientific message of the Bible. Also, Mr. Walter’s book “The Christ Way” is very helpful to a beginner to see the overall concept of Eschatology.

You can also contact someone to explain further about Eschatology and answer further questions you might have. Our personnel are always willing to help out, so you can start by sending an email to Administrative office.


Can I make a copy, or accept a photocopy of Mr. Walter’s books or booklets?

Mr. Walter set up his Trust to keep his books in print. The Trust pays for all printing of Mr. Walter’s books. The sale of his books is the way the Trust is sustained for future printings. If teachers or students make copies of his books, this is dishonest. The whole point of the study of Eschatology is to learn how to be honest and good, and demonstrate your wonderful supply of good for your individual benefit. Buying a copy of the book is the best way to perpetuate this wonderful study, and to honestly apply the principles of Eschatology. If you are accepting a copy because of financial difficulty, it is best then to return to basics and familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of this Science and its application, so you can demonstrate and prove financial success.


Can I share the digital books that I’ve purchased?

If you purchase a digital version of any Eschatology storybook, textbook, or booklet, the “Law of honesty, justice, and goodness” prevails. To “pirate” or share your digital library with another, breaks this law. Also, it is “a mistaken kindness” to lend our printed works to the casual thinker because he will not exert the necessary effort to understand them.

All the Common Sense booklets carry Mr. Walter’s suggestion, “This booklet is non-sectarian; share a copy with a friend.” In his day, this meant to purchase an additional copy and gift it to that friend. It does not mean to make a copy and give it to a friend or to a student; no matter how well intended. For printed works, if someone has expressed an interest in Eschatology, to purchase an additional copy and gift it to the friend is a wonderful way to supply the help needed, and this generosity also benefits the giver.

For further consideration, a great many hours went into making these digital versions available for purchase. The Eschatology Foundation is a non-profit Trust. Our operating income is primarily derived from book sales, and the income supports our sole purpose: to perpetuate this wonderful teaching of Truth through co-operative teachers and students. “Pirating” and dishonesty limits this, as well as the perpetrator. A word to the wise is sufficient.


Why are some of Mr. Walter’s books not sold to the public?

The books “The Sickle,” “The Primary Notes,” and “The Sharp Sickle” are deliberately not sold to the general public. Mr. Walter had always controlled the distribution of these books to students who had taken his Preparatory Courses (The Common Sense or The Plain Talks). The only way to purchase any of these restricted texts is to be recommended by a teacher, who knows the individual’s thought has been properly prepared.

In an original catalog pamphlet published by Mr. Walter in the early 1920’s, he stated in the description of “The Sickle”:

“The Sickle leads the fearless seeker, step by step, from a matter to a mental foundation, and in doing so shatters many loved and cherished religious beliefs. Because of this, the price of the book has been placed high, and is not sold in the ordinary way, to keep it out of the hands of the unprepared thought. Those desiring The Sickle must be recommended for it by a present Sickle owner, as mentally ready, or give me full assurance that they have studied my lesser works to the point of understanding.”

From a 1936 letter of Mr. Walter:

“The more advanced anyone feels he is, the more willing he is to start at the beginning of another’s works from which he could learn, so that not one small point of enlightenment or meaning could escape him. To you teachers, I say this: Here is your measure of a student: The more sincere and the more truly advanced an individual is the more humble he is before truth and the most teachable. Many will feel they are advanced enough to start with the Sharp Sickle, and they are sincere in this. Actually, if they were that advanced, they wouldn’t need my Sharp Sickle. To give the Sickle or Sharp Sickle to anyone who had not had the careful teaching of the work preceding them, and class teaching of what they contain, is a miscarriage of wisdom and robs the student of a true meaning of my works.

“Frankly the individual who wants the higher works without their full explanation as given in my class work, will gain only the letter and not the deep meaning. The only way I can keep the deep, unveiled truth from being again misinterpreted is to protect it by a system of class teaching and recommendation for the books to a few. These will value it enough to protect it also, thus ‘leavening the whole lump’.

Those of you who understand the wisdom of this will have the courage to abide by my plan.

“Those of you who have more zeal than understanding will give out Sickles and Sharp Sickles to many, feeling you do well, or give both Sickles at the same time, as some have felt could be done successfully. In fact, it is a great miscarriage of wisdom. It is my sincere hope not too many of them will be found gathering dust on shelves as a result.”