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Why do we accept donations?

The Barbara A. Walter Trust, also known as The Eschatology Foundation, was established to fund the perpetuation of the teaching of Eschatology. Its founding and original endowment resulted from Mrs. Walter’s estate, and the Trust has enjoyed supplemental funding from generous contributors along the way. The William W. Walter Trust was established to keep his books in print and to ensure that the Teachers Graduate Course Notes are presented regularly. “The Eschatology Foundation” consists of both Trusts, and it is the name most frequently used by donors.

Contributions from appreciative students and teachers are welcomed. Generosity is essential to the unfoldment of life, with untold benefits accruing to the giver. Also, there are many worthwhile and productive uses for contributions that are received. There is an ever-increasing interest in this Science, and the number of dedicated students and teachers is growing worldwide. With this, there is a corresponding increase in expenses to support this growth.

Your contributions help The Eschatology Foundation meet the expenses of administrative overhead, including labor, rent, office equipment, etc. In addition, there are publishing costs that continue to increase each year for print, digital and bilingual editions of Mr. Walter’s works. The Foundation also sponsors the Sessions on Teaching and bears the cost of providing free reviews of the Teachers Graduate Course Notes.

Consider donating; it will facilitate continuing Mr. Walter’s important work of keeping his books available and ensuring quality teaching throughout the field.

Your contribution may be tax deductible. The Eschatology Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. You will be provided a receipt by mail, acknowledging your donation, which may be used for tax purposes.

Please send any donations by personal check, bank check, or money order to:

Old Second National Bank Wealth Management
Attn: Jacquelyn J. Volkert, Trust Officer
37 South River Street
Aurora, IL 60506

If you would like information on including Eschatology Foundation in your will or estate plans, click here.


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