“The teaching to heal and the healing through teaching idea has been carried forward; and has become known as the “Walter Method” of metaphysics.” – Wm. W. Walter

The teacher of real metaphysics, the science of Life, has many things to contend with which do not make their appearance in the teaching of the ordinary sciences. Humankind in general have an entirely erroneous conception of metaphysics. Many, even of those who have awakened to the fact that metaphysics is a real science, have not yet realized that an understanding of this science, must be gained in a progressive way. Practically every one tries to start at the top and, when success does not attend his mistaken efforts, lays the blame on the science. In music one should first learn the notes. The student of music knows that after he has learned the notes, he must go through a period of practice, before he can render correctly the simpler melodies, and that he must continue with the simpler melodies until he has acquired the practical ability to render some of the more difficult compositions.

The teacher of Eschatology is a healer of both soul and body. Rightly understood, to heal is to make whole or sound. The diseased or sick individual embodiment is but a projected mental picture or form of the thoughts believed true by the individual. If the thoughts are unsound, or not the whole truth, the body shows this error of thinking. Then to teach the individual and thus correct his erroneous thought and sense would be to make him whole or sound in thought; and this soundness would be automatically projected as a healthy embodiment

Teachers of Eschatology, who really know this truth, do not merely teach to teach; but teach with the motive in mind to make sound the mental status of the student.