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Where do I begin?

Mr. Walter wrote “Our Plan,” in which he outlines the Walter Method of Metaphysics, which he named Eschatology. Here is how he recommended that someone would start:

“To gain a practical understanding of the Science of Life one must go about it in the same way that one would to gain a practical understanding of music or mathematics.

“The first need is books that deal plainly and correctly with the selected subject...


Who Was William W. Walter?

William W. Walter was born in Sublette, Illinois on July 13, 1869. He was the youngest of thirteen children. At an early age his parents moved to LaSalle, Illinois, where he attended school. Later the family moved back to Sublette and after finishing school there, he took a business course in Chicago.

On May 24, 1890, he married Barbara A. Stenger and they lived in Aurora. In the years from 1903 until 1906 he was ill with various claims among which was tuberculosis. He tried various treatments from doctors and specialists to no avail, and finally, as a last resort, had Christian Science treatment.