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The Unknown God, Vol. 1 - PDF



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Have you been a Bible reader for many years?


Did you merely read to amuse yourself or perhaps to please a far off God?


Did it never enter your thought that the mission of Jesus was not merely the healing of the sick and the pardoning of sinners but that his real mission was to teach us the actual Science of Life, God?


Are you aware that cleverly hidden from evil eyes under simple words of the Scriptures, is the real science of life?


It was this understanding of the actual of life that gave the great Master the wonderful power to do good that he had. The results he obtained were not obtained by setting aside the real laws of the universe, but by understanding these laws and conforming his thought and action to them. They called his works miracles. He knew them to be the positive and unalterable results that follow the correct application of the science of life.