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Five Years in Christian Science - PDF



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This book describes Mr. Walter's journey to discover the Science of Life. He tells how he was on his deathbed and was healed through the help of a Christian Science practitioner, his five years of demonstrating the healing power of the mind, and thereafter created the Walter Method of Eschatology.


The cases of healing cited, with the author’s own experience, are authentic. The book, handed to those who are hopeless, has proved many times to be the cause of hope renewed.


There is nothing that retards any certain case of healing or makes it more nearly hopeless than the hopelessness of the patient himself.


Many who are ill, have, through their own reading or through believing a doctors verdict, come to the conclusion that their ills are hopeless and incurable. Rightly understood, there are no incurable cases. The patient’s hopelessness is the greatest retarding influence, and if this erring mental mood can be changed, the case is more readily met. The healings mentioned in this book were cited to show other sufferers that similar ills to their own had been healed, and why not theirs.