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Letters of a Practitioner and Teacher - ePub



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This booklet is a compilation of ten letters that Mr. Walter wrote to various students and patients, while he was still a Christian Science practitioner. Each of these letters takes up some form of human illness or error with the intent of showing how to correct or destroy them.


Nearly all have a relative, friend, or student who is ill or in trouble and whom they would love to help. Perhaps he is church bound, or so prejudiced that he will not listen to reason or a personal appeal. Why not send for a set of these letters and mail them to the one you wish to help?


Many have written me that they have in this way broken down the prejudice of a brother, sister or friend, and in some instances, entire families that had drifted apart because of blind religious misunderstanding have been reunited. Help acquaint and teach a mistaught world the allness of Good. If you do, you will find yourself to be the greatest gainer, for no one can do actual good without receiving greater good themselves.