Mr. Walter wrote “Our Plan,” in which he outlines the Walter Method of Metaphysics, which he named Eschatology. Here is how he recommended that someone would start:

“To gain a practical understanding of the Science of Life one must go about it in the same way that one would to gain a practical understanding of music or mathematics.

“The first need is books that deal plainly and correctly with the selected subject. Second: persistent self-application to the study of the books if one would be self-taught. Third: through direct application, prove by right results obtained that one has grasped the understanding of the Science.

“The better and quicker way is to engage a competent teacher to explain and direct the efforts and thus guide the student to the shortest way to understanding. You would not expect a professor of music to furnish you books and teaching free of charge, then why expect it of those who are engaged in the more arduous work of teaching the Science of Life?”

We have available here, on the website, the answer to his first need: Mr. Walter’s introductory writings (Eschatology, What is it?, Why Study Eschatology?, etc.), and all of his novels. One would thereafter contact our administrative department to obtain information on a teacher.

So, your first steps toward learning more about the study of Eschatology are:

  1. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information on the website, and download the free information, including “Our Plan,” written in 1929 by Mr. Walter describing the Walter Method. (Click the “Free Info” link at the top menu.)
  2. Read some of Mr. Walter’s books: suggestions are The Christ Way and Five Years in Christian Science.
    1. Create an account on the website.
    2. Go to the “Store” tab at the top menu.
    3. Click on “Public Store.” The works mentioned above are available either in printed or electronic format. Accordingly, select either Paper or Digital. Next, click on “Works by William W. Walter.” English texts are available on the English website. The Spanish texts are available on the Spanish website. (The Flag icons in the upper left corner of the web page allows you to conveniently change from one language to the other.)
  3. If you are still interested, then ask for help in finding a teacher to begin your formal study of Eschatology through The Walter Method. Write to: .

Formal study of Eschatology is done with a teacher, on a weekly basis, going through a succession of courses. These courses are designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts and principles of Eschatology – The Walter Method. The courses are:

  1. The Preparatory Course – the course texts are either or both the Common Sense Series booklets (1-20), and the Plain Talk Series booklets (1-12). This course provides a “general emptying out process of erroneous concepts and former beliefs through vital questions asked and explained.”
  2. The Primary Course – This course covers so-called physical ills and their eradication through correction of wrong thinking, with right reason. It prepares the student to do healing work, with self and others. The course texts are The Sickle and The Primary Course Notes.
  3. The Graduate Course – This course covers universal cause and effect and the individual’s relation thereto. The course text is The Sharp Sickle.
  4. The Teachers/Graduate Course– This 6-day course is presented every two years for those who qualify by successfully completing the preceding courses. It is the culminating course in Eschatology, and prepares one to teach others in this wonderful study.

 Eschatology teaches that health, wealth (success), and happiness are yours through aligning your thought to what is good and true. It is a process of changing wrong habits of thought of the past and ensuring a wonderful future. To those who follow through in this study, it is the most worthwhile thing that they have ever done.

From Our Plan: “We have no organization or by-laws to hamper or obstruct the freedom of any co-laborer in this vineyard of mental liberation. Honesty, justice, and goodness are the only laws of the mental realm. All must live up to them to the best of their ability if they wish to succeed in the Christ way.”