Allness of Good - Paper



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One of the great problems that confronts every earnest student of real metaphysics is how best to gain a demonstrable understanding of the allness of Good and the consequent nothingness of evil. Rightly understood the allness of Good is the underlying principle that makes true mental healing a never varying science.


Of the great mass of so-called mental or spiritual healers before the public today, only a very few have a clear and concise understanding of this eternal principle. Many honest workers fail to produce healing and for no other reason than that they use the words and methods without having realized the necessity of first proving to self, the vitalizing principle.


Other teachers, writers and healers make the mistake of speaking in a mysterious way of the ultimate, of high truth, and of crucifying Reason. It certainly is crucifying Reason and relying on ignorance, (evil) to look for a higher ultimate than the allness of Good.