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Where do I begin?

Mr. Walter wrote “Our Plan,” in which he outlines the Walter Method of Metaphysics, which he named Eschatology. Here is how he recommended that someone would start:

“To gain a practical understanding of the Science of Life one must go about it in the same way that one would to gain a practical understanding of music or mathematics.

“The first need is books that deal plainly and correctly with the selected subject...


Who Was William W. Walter?

William W. Walter was born in Sublette, Illinois on July 13, 1869. He was the youngest of thirteen children. At an early age his parents moved to LaSalle, Illinois, where he attended school. Later the family moved back to Sublette and after finishing school there, he took a business course in Chicago.

On May 24, 1890, he married Barbara A. Stenger and they lived in Aurora. In the years from 1903 until 1906 he was ill with various claims among which was tuberculosis. He tried various treatments from doctors and specialists to no avail, and finally, as a last resort, had Christian Science treatment.


What is Eschatology?

Webster defines it as “The Science of last things.” Really, it is the fundamental Science that underlies all reality, the very Science of Life itself.

It is the same Science Jesus taught his disciples, namely, the Science of thought, mentality and Mind.

The scientific part of the teaching that Jesus attempted to teach his disciples was for the most part, lost sight of, it being beclouded or misunderstood because of former mystical religious beliefs of his disciples.

Eschatology is an exact Science, the same as mathematics, and like mathematics, its higher branches cannot be understood until the simpler truths are understood.

Correct mathematical teaching is a progressive unfoldment of the truth, rule and law pertaining to mathematics.

It is the same with teaching Eschatology, the Science of Life, the Science of right thinking.

Knowing full well the great assistance a student may receive from an individual teacher, it was deemed advisable to bring forth various class teachings which carefully explain the exact meaning of the printed “word.” These class teachings are also progressive and at the present time there are many certified teachers of Eschatology teaching the multitude at a very nominal price

No better or quicker way to gain actual understanding of the Science of Life is to be had than by repeated class teaching and reviews.

If the reader will remember that Eschatology is not just another cult-ism-mystery or religion, but excludes all mysticism from its teaching, depending entirely upon common sense reasoning and right thinking and doing, as the all-power for good, he or she will not make the mistake of thinking this Science mysterious simply because not understood.

In conclusion, I wish to state that there are no diseases—either so-called organic or inorganic, but what can be healed through the correct application of right thinking and doing.

– William W. Walter